My head is bursting with the joy of the unknown. My heart is expanding a thousand fold …..Rumi

Like most Gemini’s, I love exploring the many different and colourful aspects of the unknown. I always laugh when people ask me what I “do” and I always reply “what day and time are you referring to?” Although my working day is filled with facts and figures and sorting numerous emergencies, my mind is always drifting to the things that expand my heart……. creating, communing with nature and spirit, travelling and most of all, learning!

I have no words to describe the joy in sharing heart space with fellow travellers whether its with a soul to soul reading – to be present in their journey or by providing a safe space to share universal energy.

My other love is creating whether it is with colour, crystals, textiles or photography. There are always a million ideas popping through my head although I still haven’t quite worked out how to get them out of there yet!! In a world of mass produced wares, I strive to bring a little uniqueness to my corner by creating wearable art. Each piece facilitates a healing for both the creator and the receiver.

I love facilitating groups as I enjoy bringing like minded people together and in the past have organised festivals, retreats, goddess days, mediation evenings, workshops, art exhibitions and monthly get togethers.

I hope you have fun looking at my website as I continue to develop it (and myself) and I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do …..Rumi